Saturday, 2 February 2013

14 Days of Valentine Activities - Day Two: Heart Pizzas

We made it to day two...not too shabby!  Today's 'Valentine' activity was making heart-shaped pizza.  I fear this project is going to end up being 14 days of turning normal things into hearts.   We'll see.
There's nothing we love more than pizza on a Saturday night - except maybe free pizza.  I pulled out one of my heart-shaped cookie cutters and made these little cuties for the kids.
Ella helped me put on the toppings. 
And here are the little guys fresh out of the oven.  Notice how half of them only have sauce and no other toppings?  Those would be Ella's.  Her newest pizza development is to pull all the toppings off and give them away.  She doesn't like them cooked, she says.  Now I just put the raw toppings on the side of her plate.  We all win.
 It turns out, the heart pizzas with no toppings look much more like hearts than the others...

It's hard to tell that these are even hearts!

 Regardless, the kids seemed to like them. 
Well, Ella did, anyways.  Harrison wanted a 'bigger' piece.

Thanks for reading :D

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