Sunday, 3 February 2013

14 Days of Valentine Activities - Day Three: Alphabet Game

Today I made a Valentine alphabet game for Ella.  She definitely knows her alphabet and letter sounds, but sometimes she has a hard time matching upper and lower case letters (let's be honest - some of them look nothing alike!).  I decided to make a matching game using some cute card stock and - what else - hearts.
If you want to make your own game, all you need is card stock, two sizes of heart tracers, scissors and a marker.
Start off by tracing and cutting out 26 small and 26 large hearts.  I used a variety of paper patterns, but you could definitely use one pattern or solid colours. .
 Next write the alphabet in lower case on the small hearts...
...and in upper case on the large hearts.
The last thing to do is play the game!  The idea is for the kiddies to match the upper case letters with the lower case letters.  You could set up the game a few different ways.  I placed all the large hearts on the table (in order) and gave Ella the stack of small hearts to go through.  You could also set it up like a memory game where all the hearts are face-down.  So many options - enjoy!
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  2. Cute game, and you used really cute paper! Thanks for sharing @ Submarine Sunday!

  3. I'm loving this idea of Valentine activities!
    I'm your newest follower! Follow me at
    - Sarah


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