Thursday, 7 February 2013

14 Days of Valentine Activities - Day Seven: Felt Board

Today's activity was a huge hit - then again, the felt board is always popular at our house.  Making a Valentine's day felt board is extremely simple.   All you need are felt hearts in a variety of colours and sizes...and, of course, a felt tree.
You can use the hearts to practise patterns and sorting with the kids - or even use them to make other pictures (like that beautiful heart flower you see above).

My personal favourite was this Valentine's Day tree.  I basically scribbled out a (sort of) tree shape on some felt and cut it out.  It's pretty cute, actually, and Ella really liked adding the hearts.
 Here she is in deep felt board concentration.  It's amazing how this activity can take up so much time!  Ella spent about half an hour playing with these shapes...of course, we had to dig out some of her other felt shapes too.

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