Friday, 8 February 2013

14 Days of Valentine Activities - Day Eight: Valentine's Movie!

Today was a rough start for Ella - she woke up feeling pretty sick.  Actually both kids have been fighting colds (pretty much all winter and fall), but Ella's took a turn for the worse today.  It was a 'curling up with a blanket and pillow and movie' kind of day.  Not to mention, it didn't stop snowing and blowing all day, so we were stuck in doors.
Lucky for us (sure) Nan and Pops gave Ella this Winnie the Pooh Valentine's movie a couple of years ago - perfect for day 8 of 14 days of Valentine activities.
In other news, Ella and Harry received their first Valentine cards in the mail today.  It was pretty exciting!  Ella ripped through hers as soon as we would let her, and she was amazed by the pretty card inside.
Every time we go to the post office she asks for her very own mail - which she, of course, rarely gets.  Sometimes we trick her and give her the junk mail or the bills (ha), but she is too smart for that now.  If she doesn't see her name on it, she won't accept it!  Seriously.

Harrison is a little easier to please.  Ella had his envelope half opened before he had a chance to get to it., but he didn't seem to notice.  Luckily her 'help' allowed Harrison to open his envelope by himself.

I have to say, he was equally impressed by his card. 
Although, he forgot about it about 2.5 seconds after he opened it.  In his defence, it was bath time and he LOVES bath bubbles.

As you can probably tell by the card-opening pictures, Ella was feeling much better by the end of the day.  Thankfully, because tomorrow is dance class and one doesn't get on 'So You think You Can Dance' by missing dance classes.   :P

Thanks for reading :D

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