Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Ella Goes to the Dentist

Now that she is well into her year as a three-year-old, we made Ella her very first dentist appointment.  Kindergarten registration AND a visit to the dentist all in one month is just too much for me to handle! 

We took her to the dentist office back in August during Adam's visit so she could see what it was all about.  She was very impressed with the toy selection in the waiting room.  We have also read the Berenstain Bears book about going to the dentist - I wouldn't recommend that one.  Just sayin'.

I didn't want to freak her out too much, so we mentioned the appointment a few times (casually) on the days leading up and then an hour before.  She seemed pretty good until it was time to leave at which point she cried hysterically.  I was able to get it out of her, though - she was afraid there would be a needle.  After much convincing from Adam and I, that there would be NO needle, she happily got her things on and left.  I didn't get to go, so Adam took a few pictures for me...

...Here she is playing with the toys while waiting for her appointment.

And here she is sitting in the dentist's chair...after a few tears.  That's a brave face folks.

Finally, the goods.  She came out with a brand new toothbrush and some crayons.

Adam tells me she cried at first until he sat with her, but then she even let the dentist count her teeth!  I was very impressed.  She seems to be coming out of her shell - ever so slowly. 

Thanks for reading :D


  1. Love it! I will show this to Claire because she is going to the dentist on March Break!

  2. Good for you Ella you are a brave little girl,I'm pretty sure you won't mind going to dentist, hard to believe it will be time for school in fall,you are going to be a busy little mommy


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