Saturday, 30 March 2013

Harrison's First Haircut

It's no secret that Harrison's hair is a tad over-grown...
In the last two months he has been called a girl more times than I can remember.  I'm not too concerned with him being mistaken for a girl - I have no problem correcting people (or better yet, waiting and watching until they figure it out and then look a little embarrassed).  However, I do recognize the time for a haircut has come. 
We tried to get his haircut a few weeks ago, but the popular children's hair-cutting salon where we went was fairly unaccommodating - so we left and vowed never to return (nope, not grudge holders at all).  We thought we would try again this afternoon - this time we went to First Choice Haircuts.  After about an hour wait (we ran errands during this time - there's no way I would have sat and waited for an hour), Harrison FINALLY got his first haircut.

He wasn't super happy about sitting in the chair at first.  He wouldn't even look at me for his 'before' picture.  I may cry just looking at this picture...he's pouting.

After a few minutes he loosened up a little and I think he even enjoyed it.

However, he still wasn't willing to give me a nice 'after' picture.

Although there were no TVs or fancy rocket ships to sit in during the haircut, the staff were really friendly AND they gave him a little certificate with a lock of his hair.  Oh, and did I mention they give first haircuts for FREE?!  Thank you First Choice!

After dinner tonight, Harrison modelled his new do.  I made a little collage of his favourite pose...I should also note that he's saying 'cheese' in each and every picture.

Doesn't he look like a young man of two-years-old?  Ahh!  Only two more months!

Thanks for reading :D


  1. So adorable. He is very handsome.

  2. He is so cute! But I was sort of looking forward to dreds for the wedding!

  3. What a handsome young man he is,your going to have too chase the girls away.

  4. OMG! He looks like a totally different kid! He looks so grown up :(

  5. Oh my, does he ever look like a little man with that haircut. Adorable!


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