Sunday, 17 March 2013

Nothing Says Beautiful Like a Tutu

It seems we have a little girl who LOVES to wear dresses and play 'princess'.  Ella is going through a phase right now where she insists on wearing a skirt or dress every single day - this is not so easy to do in the winter.  She prefers to wear tights, but she will also wear pants and socks if it's really cold. 

At first, it didn't bother me too much.  I would wear a skirt all the time if it was warm and tights weren't itchy.  Sadly, it's just not practical for me (or as comfortable as my nice grey sweat pants).  I was also kind of excited she was getting into Cinderella (it's really the only Disney princess movie she has watched) because it used to be my favourite movie

The other day she surprised us by holding up her skirt while she was dancing with Adam - just like a real princess would do. 

MVI 2408 from Jessica Kuypers on Vimeo.

Then one day there were no clean skirts or dresses for her to wear and she was forced to wear pants and a shirt for the day.  After a nice long crying fit she sobbed to me, "But I won't be beautiful unless I wear a skirt!".

What?!  Where did that come from?  It took me completely by surprise.  My first instinct was to throw out all the skirts, princess dress-up costumes and the Cinderella movie.  I started to panic a little about the possible influence these things were having - especially because she is still so little. 

So, obviously, I tried to tell Ella that clothes don't make you beautiful, but let's face it - she's three and that means nothing to her...also, she just replied, "Yes they do!".  Maybe if I say it enough times over the next few years she'll get it?  I also asked her if she thought Mommy was beautiful.  Her answer was yes.  I quickly pointed out that I wasn't wearing a skirt and she still thought I was beautiful.  Then she said, "But your shirts are long, so they look just like dresses!". 


In the end, I would say tossing out all the girly/princess stuff isn't the answer.  I guess the answer is exposing her to tons of different things and encouraging her to step outside the stereotypical 'girl' toys.  Sure Ella loves Disney princesses, but she also loves trains and animals and playing in the sand. It looks like we all have our work cut out for us based on the way most toys are geared towards boys OR girls these I right?

More than anything, I'm annoyed this kind of thing has already begun and she hasn't even started school yet... I also miss the days where my biggest worry was back vs. tummy sleeping.  Sigh.

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  1. hahahahahaha That girl is just too smart. Your house reminds me of ours, a long time ago. LOL

  2. No worries, this summer when she's covered in mud and grass and kicking the soccer ball just keep yelling out "you're a beauty Ella!"

  3. Oh she is practicing for the wedding!! I think we have found Adam's role...official dance instructor!


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