Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Springtime Craft - Scrap Fabric Butterflies

So many Easter/springtime crafts - so little time! 
I have been looking for something cute to make to decorate our house for spring, and Pinterest is jam packed with crafts.  Ella still needs another year or two before she can handle the 'good' crafts, so I thought we would keep it simple this year.
I decided to put a spin on the classic tissue paper and clothespin butterflies by making them with scrap pieces of fabric (mostly because I don't have any tissue paper!).  They are adorable to hang in the windows and around the house this time of the year.

I literally cut out rectangles of fabric and pinched them between clothespins.  You can't get much easier than that!  Googly eyes aren't really my style, and Ella is too young to use the glue gun so we nixed those.

Pipe cleaner antennae are optional, but I had a few extra minutes today to attach them.

I should also mention my windows are supposed to look that way...that's definitely not dirt.

Here are the beauties hanging in the kitchen window...

...and here is our other beauty all ready for dinner.

Thanks for reading :D

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