Monday, 4 March 2013

Valentine's - What You Missed!

It's no secret I abandoned my Valentine's posting.  In the famous words of Jessie Spano, "There's no time.  There's never any time".  That's right, I ran out of time...and honestly, I also ran out of ambition.  March is looking a little better.  I can practically taste Spring - way way down deep underneath all that snow.  Although there were no posts, I did continue with a few more activities.  It would only be fair to share those.  :)
Of course, we made Valentine cards.  Ella and Harry each decorated a nice card for Daddy and each other.

Ella got a little more creative than Harrison.  I forgot to take a picture of the finished card, but this card ended up being coloured almost entirely black...aside from that small area she is colouring pink.

We also honoured my favourite day of the year - Pancake Tuesday!  I didn't waste my time shaping these puppies into hearts because I knew they would just get gobbled up anyway.
 Unfortunately, I busted my best whisk making these.  How does this even happen?!
The kids even received a couple of goodies for Valentine's day.  Here is Harrison with his new socks (nope, we haven't kicked that soother yet)...


...and Ella with her cool Kitty pyjamas.

Hands - down, the best thing about Valentine's Day were the delicious chocolate cupcakes we made. 

Thanks for reading :D


  1. Oh yuM! They're enjoying it. And don't worry. March going to be good to us. ;)


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