Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Day 2013

Ella and Harrison had so much fun on Easter day this year.  Last year Harry was a bit too young to get it, but this year he was definitely part of the festivities. 
Ella was the first to spot the trail of chocolate eggs leading from their bedroom through the living room and kitchen.  Of course, neither child could collect the eggs in the cute little bags that were outside their bedroom door.  No, they sat down and started eating right away.

Eventually they carried on to collect the rest of the eggs...

...but not without the occasional snack.  Ella was in heaven.

We left them a little Easter gift in the kitchen - miniature hockey nets with sticks and balls.  It was pretty popular and they were both pretty surprised to see it set up in the house.


Of course the Easter Bunny left them a few more goodies in their baskets, and we gave them some new shoes and Easter clothes.

We planned a brunch with Nan and Pops for 10 am, so we gave them some of their chocolate to tide them over. 

Unfortunately, that didn't work (I'm not sure why), and Ella had a bowl of oatmeal before our company arrived...

...while Harrison enjoyed some cheerios and raisins.

Nan and Pops brought everyone a Cadbury egg to eat after breakfast - Ella found it was best to eat hers with a spoon.

Harrison had apples.

After brunch we all went out to the backyard to see if the Easter Bunny hid any eggs.  We had to search quickly because it started to rain!

That pesky rabbit hid eggs all over the place...

Ella was really helpful with Harrison and shared many of the eggs she found.  I'm pretty sure he ended up with most of them in his bag.

Of course they got to enjoy one more treat before putting the candy away for awhile. 

Here is the best picture I could get of the two kids together in their Easter outfits.  I made Ella's dress as well as a matching dress for bunny and matching ties for Harry and Teddy.  Unfortunately, it was too cold and Ella had to wear a shirt under her dress...she also insists on wearing her headband like a tennis player. 

Thanks for reading :D


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  2. What a great day. Looks like everyone enjoyed the day.

  3. Minder, your babies rock! Love Ella's tennis headband lol. I cant believe how big they are! So beautiful. Hope you guys are well! xo
    Kimberley Nelson
    309 Hedden Hall/49 Emerson


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