Thursday, 18 April 2013

Games - By Ella Marie

If you're in desperate need of new games to play with your kids, we are here to save the day!  Ella has been hard at work over the last few days developing her very own games.  I've decided to share three of these with you, my faithful and deserving can thank me later.  I should mention - Ella has named and created these games with NO help from me.
Game #1:  Peek Swing
Number of players:  Unlimited
How to play:  One person hides behind a tree while the other person pushes someone on a swing.  The person pushing the swing yells 'come out!', and the person hiding behind the tree jumps out and says whether they can see a swing and the swing's colour.  The hider then runs back behind the tree and the game repeats itself....over and over again.
Me (while pushing Harry on a swing):  "Come out!"
Ella (after jumping out from behind a large tree):  "I see a green swing!" 
Game #2:  Messed Up Things
Number of players:  Unlimited
How to play:  While everyone is eating lunch each person takes a turn looking around to find things that are 'messed up'.  Note: messed up things don't actually need to exist in real life - they can be imagined.  Also, 'messed up' does not refer to things that are messy, but rather things that are weird.
Ella:  I see a pancake with a stinky apple on it.
 Me:  I see an upside-down hat on Harrison's head.

Game #3:  Animals that aren't there 
Number of players:  Unlimited
How to play:  Choose a person to go first.  That person looks out the window and says they see an animal (that isn't really there) in a weird place.  Everyone laughs and the next person goes.
Ella:  I see a bunny rabbit in a tree.
Me:  I see a giraffe in the swimming pool. 

Isn't she a doll, people?

Thanks for reading :D

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