Sunday, 7 April 2013

How to Kill an Hour

For us 3pm to 4pm often seems to be the longest hour of the day (well...sometimes).  It's the time when the kids wake up from their naps and are eagerly waiting for Adam to get home at 4pm.  The most ideal activity would be playing outside, however, the kids are often cranky after their naps, and it isn't always pleasant getting them dressed to go out.
A few days ago we did something a little different.  We busted out the wooden beads, rice and magnetic letters and numbers...not to mention, the measuring cups.
This was Harrison's first time playing with a sensory bin (poor second child) and Ella's first time making jewellery.  Both activities were successful - big time.
Except for the parts where Harrison started eating the uncooked rice.  Why?  Why would he even attempt it when he doesn't even eat cooked rice.

 Ella was amazed by all the different shapes of the beads.  I bought a giant package of wooden beads from Michael's and I'm pretty sure they will last forever.

 Harrison's favourite part of the sensory bin was scooping the contents from one bin to another...

...until I showed him the letters and numbers stick to a cookie sheet.  He was pretty good at picking out the letters and numbers, although, he did try to stick a few beads on the cookie sheet.

When Ella was done with her necklaces (yes, she decided to make two), she hopped down on the floor to play with Harrison.  She was quite adamant that she would show him how to play with the rice bin.  Her 'great idea' was to spread all the rice, letters and beads onto the cookie sheet. 
It was also fun when she picked up the cookie sheet and tried to dump the rice back into the bin.  :P

Another popular item was the muffin tin pan.  The kids had fun scooping stuff into each of the muffin cups. And, yes (Mother), I washed all of these things before putting them back in the cupboards.

 Ella proudly gave one of the necklaces to Harrison and he was more than happy to wear it...for a few minutes!
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  1. Great job! I was just thinking of making a 'Spring' Sensory I better get my butt in gear!

  2. What a wonderful idea! This would surely keep my younger two occupied as well! I'm going to pin this. I'm returning the follow. Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you have a wonderful week! :-) Faith @

  3. so fun! my nieces and nephews have a textile box they love to play with!


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