Thursday, 4 April 2013

Quotes from the Week

Here are some silly quotes from this past week:


(In the middle of the night when I went in to give him his soother) "Mom, potty!"  (No, he doesn't use the potty yet).

(After Adam shut off Dora for dinner time) "I'm sad."


"Mom, does Cinderella wear underwear?  I NEED to know."

(While carrying a toy monkey and speaking to me) "Hello there, would you like a cheeky monkey for your kid?"

"Oh, sorry Mom.  I totally forgot to get you some money for those."  (I have no idea what she was talking about)

"Mom, what do you know about fans?"

"Are you going to help me get my pyjamas on, Mother?'

(While I was trying to help her get a barrette out of a basket) "No, no, no my darling.  I can do it myself".

"Mom, your hair is on backwards."

Thanks for reading :D


  1. LOL. Trust me, your hair is not on backwards.

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