Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Harrison's 2nd Birthday

Today was Harrison's 2nd birthday - where has the time gone?!  We had a nice party on the weekend to celebrate, but I'll post those pictures and stories in a couple days.  Here are a few highlights from today - I'm simply too tired to write anything other than captions. 
Enjoying his balloons and new big-boy bed

The only time I could get him to stand still and smile

We gave him this barn that comes with a few animals...

...it was a bit of a success.  Ella's hair - not so much.

They wouldn't tear themselves away even for a picture

He also got a new ball cap

We had left-over cupcakes after dinner

Ella really wanted her picture taken at this point...

...so did Adam

Harrison made sure to get every last crumb.

Cupcake eating is serious business...he learned that from Momma.

And he washed it all down with some milk.
Happy birthday little guy!

Thanks for reading :D

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  1. Happy birthday Harrison. Please give him a hug from his great aunt and uncle in Vermont. I'd love to come up and babysit to give you a nice afternoon nap!!!! Hugs to all. Love to see your family growing and and hope you are doing well. Love Aunt Helen


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