Thursday, 9 May 2013

Indoor Water fun

Last Thursday was the peak of Ella's sickness, and it was the day we decided to take her to the hospital (or the night, rather).  She spent the entire day on the couch or in bed (again).  This made things a little tricky for Harrison and I because it was such a beautiful day outside, and we wanted to get out to play.

I set up the monitor in the living room, so I could hear her outside if she was calling me or coughing herself sick.  After about 15 consecutive trips inside to calm Ella's crying, I decided we better give up on the outdoor play for awhile. 

What came next was a tired parent's dream come true - 45 minutes of independent play by an almost 2 year old.  I've been planning this one for awhile, folks, but it wasn't until this day that I got the energy to set it up.

Indoor Water table!!  And by table, of course I mean bin on the floor.


I used one of those plastic storage bins that slides under the bed.  It was the best possible choice of containers for us because it is huge and the sides are low enough for Harry to reach over while sitting on the floor.  I filled it about 1/3 of the way full and threw in some bath toys and measuring cups.  The rest was up to the boy.

Here's a note of caution:  If you're going to do this, parents, you can't half-ass it!  As in, you need to let things happen (ie. spills and splashes).  Therefore, I would (obviously) suggest a tile or water-resistant floor, diaper only and keep a towel nearby to prevent slipping when the little one gets up to run around. 

If I were a smart lady, which evidently I am not, I would have used this time to sit down with Ella or get some things done around the house.  Instead, I spent the ENTIRE time taking pictures of Harry because it was so hilarious. 
Harrison is going through a phase right now where he runs (almost) everywhere and right before take-off he shouts, "super Harrison, to the rescue!".  

As you can imagine, he was soaking wet by the end of the water fun, so he ended up in his diaper to watch a little Dora before lunch.  Hence, my suggestion to scrap the clothes during the activity.  This is a must-try people.  I'll be saving it for the winter months!

Thanks for reading :D


  1. Very nice! You are such an inventive mom! Can't wait to see what other goodies you've got up your sleeve. xo

  2. Looks like Harrison had a ball, and Ella sure was not well or she would have been in there too, good idea you sure do have a lot of patience. Well done

  3. So resourceful, momma! Looks like your little boy had a blast. Hope your little princess feels better soon.


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