Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Toopy and Binoo Live: Ella's First Time at the Theatre {Tuesday April 30, 2013}

By the time last Tuesday rolled around, Ella was in full-blown cold mode.  She had the runny nose, cough and slight fever.  She wasn't up for much other than lying on the couch.  I had bought tickets for Toopy and Binoo a couple of months ago, so we were a little disappointed when she came down with a cold. 

I asked her a few times during the day if she still wanted to go to see Toopy and Binoo at the theatre and she said yes, so at 5pm we made the decision to take her...and see how it went.  She perked up a little in the car (after this picture), and I knew she was excited when she said "Mommy, I've never been to the theatre before!".

She didn't say much when we got there, so I took her over to the goodies table to see what they had for sale.  I figured we better get a souvenir in case we didn't stay long!  I was pushing the t-shirts because I thought we could get one for Harrison too, but all she wanted was the Patchy Patch (it turns out Patchy Patch is this green stuffy that belongs to Binoo).  Normally, I wouldn't have caved and bought the $35 stuffy...yes you read that price correctly...but I felt so bad that she wasn't feeling well and probably wouldn't enjoy the show.  So...

And that, folks, were the last few smiles we saw on her face for a few days.  She asked to go home at intermission because she was ready for bed.  It turns out we left just in time because she was sick as soon as we got into the van.  Thankfully, I packed one extra of every single item of clothing she was wearing (a very valuable parenting lesson!!).

Of course, I promised to take her back to the theatre another time when she was feeling better.  Probably the movies this time - some place where they don't sell merchandise related to the show!  Today, one week later, she has yet to pick up that patchy patch stuffy again (in her defence, she is just starting to feel better!).

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  1. Shannon StephensonMay 07, 2013 1:10 pm

    We took the girls to the afternoon show! Vanessa really enjoyed it but Julia is still too small and just enjoyed climbing in and out of the chairs. They were not as lucky as Ella and did not get the Patchy Patch...
    Next time something like this comes up we should plan an outing together.

  2. Ella you are a pretty sad looking little girl, sure hope you are feeling a lot better than last week, you didn't look good at all


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