Saturday, 1 June 2013

28 Weeks Pregnant: An Update

This week marked the beginning of the third trimester...woohoo...and also, oh crap.

I don't really have an idea on what the gender will be, although, Adam thinks maybe girl.  The old wives' tales say you're having a girl if you're carrying 'all over', so I get a little annoyed with those people who 'predict' it's a girl based on the way I'm carrying.  Why don't you just come right out and tell me my butt is getting huge.   To all the people who predict boy because I'm 'all out front', I thank you.  :D

The 28 week check-up was not a happy one.  I had to get my Rhogam shot - boo.  It would be nice for them to make the process a little easier.  If you're unfamiliar, allow me to enlighten you.  First, you must go to the hospital lab to have blood taken one to two days before your 28 week check-up.  You can't go to any of the other labs around town - certainly not the one that is 5 seconds from your house, oh no, it must be the hospital.  In addition to the 30 minute drive to the hospital, you have to pay for hospital parking.  If you're lucky and the lab isn't busy, you'll get in and out in 30 minutes, only paying $3.00 for parking. 

Second, on the day of your check-up, you need to go back to the hospital (pay for parking again) and pick up your injection in a different area of the hospital.  Might I also add, thank you RVH for building a new (over the top) main entrance that is a 45 minute walk (slight exaggeration) from the lab and blood bank.  Was that just a ploy to get us to pay more money for parking?  Lastly, you take your injection to the Midwives office and they poke you with a needle while you try not to pass out.  I suppose it's all for an important purpose, though.

Why does no one talk about this process?  Since Ella was born, I've only come across one other person that has had this shot...where are you people?!

On the upside, 28 weeks marks the beginning of biweekly check-ups...which also means biweekly Baskin Robins visits!  These will likely be necessary based on the crazy hot weather we've had over the last couple days. 

As baby #3 approaches, I get more and more anxious about how things will change in our house.  I'm pretty confident I can handle 3 kids, I'm just wondering how a new baby will affect the dynamics here.  I plan on this baby sleeping anywhere and through anything.  Let's hope the baby is on board with that.  Luckily for us, Ella and Harry are starting to play really well together - now that Harrison is a big 2-years-old.  We're also looking forward to a fun summer with the two of them before they need to get used to another sibling. 

Thanks for reading :D

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