Friday, 28 June 2013

32 Weeks Pregnant: An Update

This week I (somehow) find myself 32 weeks into the pregnancy.  It's going by incredibly fast, although, some days seem to be never-ending.  Thankfully, school is just about done for the summer and Adam will be home until the baby comes in August.  I'm planning bi-weekly massage appointments and daily naps.  :D


Yesterday I came across this hilarious blog post from 'Pretty Babies'  that I have to share - take a little visit over there.  It pretty much covers what I've been thinking the last few months.  One thing is for sure, this pregnancy has been much more exhausting and painful than the others (I consider this 'reporting' rather than 'complaining').

Some weird/annoying things happening in the last few weeks:
  • a severe urge for ice cold drinking water (I go through several ice cube trays per day)
  • an urge to smell leather
  • an urge to smell gasoline (relax crazy people, I don't actually do it)
  • an urge to smell soil (ditto to note above)
  • am oddly enjoying the sensation of a mouthful of chewed up pretzel goldfish...not exactly keen on the taste, though, and I would spit them out after chewing them up if it didn't make me look/feel ridiculous.
  • jumpy legs which I need to stretch out approximately every 25 seconds and which keep me from falling asleep at a reasonable hour on most nights.

Ella's fine photography skills
On a higher note, I am getting pretty pumped to have another baby around.   There have been a few new babies - including our new nephew Carter - so I'm remembering what it's like to hold a tiny little baby again.  I made this sweet little Turtle photo prop for him/her to wear in newborn pictures. 

PS - I bought the pattern from a cute little shop on Etsy called Calleigh's Clips.  She has a ton of adorable baby photo prop patterns (to crochet).   AND you can purchase them in bundles to save some money (I bought 4 patterns together and saved about $5.00).
Nan's fine photography skills

That's about all I have to say about the 32 week mark - except, thank goodness we finally got air-conditioning!

Thanks for reading :D

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