Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Ella Learns to Plant A Flower

Yesterday, Ella, Harrison and I spent the afternoon in Nan's backyard sitting by the pool...the kiddie pool that is...trying to beat the heat.  Harry and I left around 5pm to go and get dinner ready, but Ella wanted to stay a bit longer.  Here's what she got up to with Nan...notice she still has her swim-suit on even thought the pool had been emptied hours earlier. 

A few days ago, Ella went with Nan to pick out a flower, but she ran out of time to get it planted.  She picked out a lovely fuchsia Dahlia.

She also has some very special gardening gloves which we bought her after a failed attempt with some of my gardening gloves.  Apparently, my hands are much bigger than hers.

Nan showed her how to fill the pot with soil, and she did it all by herself.


Somehow, she got the flower in there too and topped off the soil.  This is a look of pure concentration, people.


She even watered it afterwards.  This would have been new for her because I'm sure she's never seen me water a plant.

Hopefully some of the water got into the pot.  She told me later about this spill, and she was quite concerned about the water on Nan's stairs.

Ella was very proud of her flower, and she had to find the perfect spot for it when she got home.  She told Adam and I that Nan taught her how to plant her very own flower, although, I seem to recall teaching her how to plant flowers and broccoli plants fairly recently...

Ella explained to me the flower needs to be watered a bit in the morning and a bit in the evening.  I'm hoping she remembers that information because I'm guessing I won't.

Thanks for reading :D

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