Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Harrison's 2nd Birthday PARTY!

[FYI - I started writing this post on Sunday with the intention of posting on Sunday as well as writing and scheduling 5 other posts I have planned.  I just finished this one today...the others have yet to be started.  LOL}
As promised, here is a little peak at Harrison's birthday party.  We wanted to have some sort of animal themed party, either zoo or farm.  We decided to go with farm animals - which (heads up) would be a mistake for anyone wanting to buy any decorations related to farm animals - there are none available...anywhere.  We made out alright, though.  I made the invitations, decorations, cake and a couple of games to match our theme.

The party didn't start until 2pm, but Ella had her outfit picked out and ready to go much earlier than that.  She may or may not be headed for a career in fashion...I think it's too soon to tell.

I'm really into making banners lately, so I had to make Harrison's birthday banner.  This was the extent of our decorations, aside from a nice balloon bouquet that Uncle Marc and Jen brought.  I'm finding there is no need for decorations at a child's birthday party (of course, the balloons are always a hit).  If you display the food, drinks, loot bags and games properly, it's more than enough!
 Unfortunately, it was too windy to hang the banner outside.  We had to hang it in the kitchen where it probably didn't get noticed.  Thankfully we have this picture to show Harrison in the future - I'm sure he will be really eager to see it :P

I wanted to keep the cake simple because, frankly, there was no time or energy available to bake an over-the-top cake.  I went with a two-layer vanilla cake with vanilla frosting and chocolate cupcakes with chocolate fudge frosting.  I also tried something a little different - baking the cupcakes in mason jars.  It seems to be a growing trend in the blogging/Pinterest world. 

To keep with the mason jar theme, I served lemonade and homemade iced-tea in these cute little mason jar cups.  They are great for kids because the spilling is limited (although not impossible).  They are also ADORABLE and add to the farm flavour.

The kids played in the backyard for awhile before we did gifts or cake.  I made the kids a little fish pond with scraps of fabric, magnets and tree branches.   I also made some farm-animal themed bean bags for them to throw around (not pictured).  The fish pond seemed to be the most popular activity.

Harrison, Riley and Carson are all checking out the fish pond.  Our newest niece or nephew (expected any time now) is also there in the top left corner ;D

Harrison and Grandpa playing in the fish pond
 After the kids had a chance to run around and play for awhile, we brought out Harrison's gifts.  His first gift was a new 'big boy' bed.  It's actually a toddler bed which we need due to space issues, but it's definitely more 'big boy' than his crib.
Harrison got so many nice gifts - I don't think we'll need to buy him any clothes for awhile.

Some of his friends even helped him open them - thankfully, or we could have been there all day.

I brought out his cake, but it was too windy for the candles to stay lit.  At first, Harry was more interested in the snack table (there were a few different types of goldfish crackers, his favourite).  Eventually, he noticed the cake and tried to grab a handful.
We had a second go at the candles inside.  I accidentally blew them out while I was showing him what to do.  At last, he figured it out by himself.
I think Ella's favourite thing about the party was the iced tea, or 'wine' as she called it.  She had about three glasses of 'wine'. 

Lastly, I put together these little barns for the kids to take home.  They are made from felt and are machine-sewn together.  I put in some animal crackers, a tiny painting canvas (with a picture of some sort of animal on it) and some stickers.  I thought these tiny barns would hold everything - I was wrong. 

That's all for the birthday party.  Stay tuned for tutorials on mason jar cupcakes, fabric fish pond, animal bean bags, mason jar cups and felt barns...but definitely don't hold your breath!

Thanks for reading :D

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