Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Buckle Up!

What is the deal with toddlers and independence?  There are so many things I wish my kids would do themselves (properly), but the trade off is how long it actually takes them.  It's killer.  Recently both of our kids have decided they (and they alone) will do up the buckles on their car seats.  At first it was cute, but now it's getting annoying.

In addition to doing up the buckles, Harrison has also decided he can climb into the car seat by himself.  I'm okay with that right now, because it's a bit of an energy drain to constantly lift him in and out of the car seat with my giant belly.  However, it really does add an extra 5 minutes to getting in the car.

I guess he is pretty cute, though, and after he does up his seat belt he says "seat belts so we can be safe!".

Anyone else experiencing this seat-belt independence?! 

Thanks for reading :D

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  1. Too funny Jess I am going throught this exact thing right now. Vanessa has to do up her own belt which she does pretty well but takes FOREVER! While Julia too has to climb into the car, into her seat, spend 5 minutes trying to do up her belt (which of course she can not do anyways), etc.....
    I constantly have to tell myself to relax and let them learn, but still it's so frustrating!


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