Thursday, 18 July 2013

Ella and Harry Wash the Van

Looking for a summer activity for the kids that is both fun and refreshing in this wonderful heat?  How about - let them wash your car?! 

I'm not a huge supporter of washing our cars, but Adam thinks we should keep them we decided to fill up a bucket of water, give them each a sponge and see what happened. 

It turns out this is only a good idea if you only want the bottom half of your vehicle washed :D

Also, we may have given them sponges that were 5 times too big.  They went through about 10 buckets full because they kept soaking up all the water!

In the end, Ella did most of the work while Harrison focused on squeezing the water back onto the driveway.
It was a cute activity for them and they felt like they were really helping us out. However, next time maybe we'll get them to wash their bikes or toy cars...on the their bathing suits...without their shoes on...with smaller sponges.  

Thanks for reading :D

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