Saturday, 6 July 2013

Ella Goes Strawberry Picking

We finally managed to get out strawberry picking a few days ago, although, we waited a little too long and ended up with the end of the crop.  End of the crop or not - they were delicious. 
Ella remembered our adventure picking strawberries from last year, so she was pretty eager to get out again.  This year we went to Valley Farm Market - if you haven't been, you should probably go right now.  Their shop is filled with delicious goodies, including ice cream, plus there is a little barn with animals for the kids enjoy.

The morning we went was a little overcast, but it was perfect weather for picking (not too hot!).
Ella brought along her little stool from Pops which ended up being just the right size for berry picking...


...or berry eating.  According to Ella, sometimes she can't pick strawberries because her  belly is too hungry.  Sorry about that Valley Farms.

After we picked our berries, Nan and I took Ella to see the animals.  We also got a chance to see what Ella would look like as a sheep and a goat.  Pretty cute, I must say, although the hair still needs a bit of work.

I really wanted to include a picture of this little guy with his head through the fence.  However will he get out of there with those giant horns, you ask?  Well he can, and he does it pretty swiftly I might add...I should have taken a video.  Also, I have no idea if those are called horns, but that's what I'm calling them.  Out of antlers, tusks and horns, horns seems the most accurate.

There was also a gigantic sandbox which Ella was pretty excited about.  She picked up one of the sand toys and stuck it in her mouth...nice Ella, I'm sure it's never been in any other child's hands or mouth, not to mention on the ground or in the sand.  Clean as ever...we've taught her well.

 After one more trip inside the shop to pick out brownies and eggs (one of which barely made it home), we got in the car and made it home just in time for lunch. 

I'm hoping next year we can take Harry strawberry picking...I wasn't interested in chasing him around this year, though.

Thanks for reading :D

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