Friday, 19 July 2013

Ella's First (and likely last) Year of Soccer

We decided to sign Ella up for soccer this summer...and by 'we' I mean Adam.  Most of her friends were going to play and it's pretty cheap (although it only lasts for a couple of months).  They got cute little soccer shorts and a jersey, but most nights Ella requested to wear her 'soccer skirt'.

We thought it would be good for her, socially, to prepare for school - not to mention it was a chance to burn some energy right before bedtime!  
I have to be honest, soccer got off to a slow start.  The kids are all pretty young (some of the kids just turned three), there was little to no organization as far as snacks (each parent was supposed to be assigned to snack duty for one night of the season...didn't happen), it ran too late (7pm - 8pm) and there were about a million kids signed up (in total, not per team).
After a few weeks it was still pretty chaotic, but I think Ella got used to idea of being on a soccer team...kind of.   Half of each evening was spent doing soccer 'practice' and the second half was a 'game' against another team.  I think Ella only ever made it through the practises.

The practises were pretty cute, though (when Ella participated instead of picking flowers or checking on her baby doll that had to come to most games).  The kids learnt to sit in a circle and pass the ball around (hot potato style).  They also stood up in the same circle and kicked the ball back and forth.  Here's Ella (above) trying to decide where to kick the ball on her turn.

After the circle time, the kids usually lined up and took turns kicking the ball up to the net.  Sometimes they got to shoot it into the net and sometimes they went with a partner and passed to the partner to kick it in.  This was definitely a point of confusion for most of the kids.

Here's Ella attempting to kick it to her partner:

And here's Ella attempting to score on these two goalies:

I'm not sure if Ella had fun, but I think it was a pretty good experience for her. She was able to spend time with some of the kids she'll be in school with in the fall, and she had a chance to be part of a team and follow instructions.

Harrison got to come along a few times as well and between the two of them, I think we got our money's worth.  He LOVED going to soccer even though  he didn't get to participate in the team activities.  He was happy to run around after the ball (any ball).

The last night for soccer was last week, so I guess we'll have to wait and see who will be the soccer star next summer!

Thanks for reading :D

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