Saturday, 20 July 2013

Harrison's Rainy Afternoon Activity: Sorting Toys

Well it's no secret we had a giant storm yesterday.  It started while the kids were napping and carried on most of the afternoon.  So when nap time ended, we needed an indoor activity. Harrison took the initiative to make up his own rainy day activity:  sorting his toys.
Forget coloured clothespins or  beads, sorting the toys you already own is where it's at! 
Santa brought Harrison a little workbench for Christmas, and it came with a ton of pieces.  These are perfect to use as a sorting activity because of all the different colours, sizes and shapes.

Harrison was really into lining up the coloured piece and bolts and stacking the washers and nuts.  I didn't instruct him on any of this! 

Of course the best part of stacking any toy is getting to knock it down afterwards...

Here are the workbench toys after all the careful sorting has been destroyed.  Not to worry, he quickly moved on to building block towers.  He must have known they would make a much bigger noise and mess when knocked over.

Don't have these toys to sort?  Try cars, dolls, blocks and even books...pretty much anything you have around that playroom.  Although, it is fun to make your own kits for sorting too.

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