Monday, 15 July 2013

Summer Dinner Ideas: Clean Out the Fridge Kabobs

If anyone reading this is like me - you have absolutely no idea what to make for dinner tonight.  During the school year I am pretty good about creating a weekly menu and planning my groceries based on the menu (we usually stick the menu too!).  The summer is a bit of a gong-show, though.  Mainly because it's hard to get veggies into the kids when they aren't in the form of soup or pasta sauce (who wants soup when it's hot, right?).  They are getting better at eating raw veg with their lunches...but they certainly can't live off of burgers and hot dogs all summer!

This week while I was tearing my hair out trying to think of things for a summery dinner (the good stuff isn't quite in season yet), Adam [yes - he asked me to mention his name here] suggested kabobs.  Mmmmm - we LOVE kabobs.  The kids like how they look and we like how they taste.

To be honest, I usually buy the Marc Angelo pork or chicken kabobs which are already assembled and marinated.  They are pretty good and they are almost always on sale - I try not to ask myself (or anyone else) why the pre-packaged kabobs are always on sale. 

The truth is:  cleaning out your fridge and freezer is a much cheaper way to make kabobs than buying the pre-packaged, pre-marinated version...not to mention much healthier.  When I went through the fridge, I found some asparagus, 1 orange pepper, 1 red pepper, 1 yellow pepper and some mushrooms.  We also had about 4 chicken breasts left in the freezer (I buy the giant bag of PC Blue Menu frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts when they are on sale - it pays to buy large quantities people!)


Now I'm a little crazy at times, so I spent a good 15 minutes dividing up the veg and chicken cubes into piles.  I was aiming to have the same pattern and amount on each kabob.  If you take a good look at my photo, you'll see that didn't quite work out in the end.  A few things went wrong:

1.  Some asparagus split when I tried to thread them onto the skewers (you need some thick asparagus for this!)

2.  I miscalculated the amount of peppers.

In any case, they look so beautiful!  It really is the small things that amuse me :D

Just a few words or caution and advice - make sure you coat the kabobs with seasoned (IE.  salt and pepper) olive oil a couple of times while they're cooking AND throw your favourite BBQ sauce on the chicken just before it's ready to come off the grill.  Delicious!  And also, not burned!

If I'm being honest, the kids barely touched the veg on these kabobs.  They are not fans of asparagus, peppers or mushrooms.  I heated up some frozen corn for them, so they ate at least one colourful food. 

Adam and I loved them and they will definitely become a regular on our summer dinner menu!

Thanks for reading :D

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