Friday, 23 August 2013

And Then There Were Three...

   So.....We have a new baby.  Baby Benjamin was born 36 minutes past his due date (which would be Aug. 22 at 12:36am).  Luckily he didn't wait too much longer because he weighed  8lbs 15oz - almost an entire pound more than his big sister and brother. 

I was able to come home about 12 hours after he was born. I could have come home sooner, but I had my own little room at the hospital so I decided to stay for a few hours for some sleep!
He looks exactly like Ella and Harry when they were born (I'll post comparison pics soon), although, he is a little chunkier in the cheeks.

Our first family photo was a little bit of chaos...which I'm sure is just a taste of the next few months to come as we get used to being a family of five.

Thanks for reading :D


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