Saturday, 17 August 2013

Countdown to JK: 3 Weeks to go!

Another week has passed, and Ella is even closer to becoming a kindergartner.  One of the things we've been doing all summer (and actually through the winter too) was reading books about kindergarten.  There aren't too many at the library (Amelia Bedelia...that's a good one), so I think we've read all the ones there.

A couple days ago, Nan brought over a book for Ella called, 'Kindergarten, Here I Come'.  

It's a longer story, but it's broken into many different sections about things kids will encounter when they go to school (things they've probably never encountered before). 

Some of the sections:

- Kindergarten checklist
- Teachers
- Story time
- Lunchtime
- Recess
- Field trips
- Friends
- Show and tell
- Lining up
- Growing

Ella is pretty excited about show and I really hope they do this at her school!  She has some crazy idea that she will be able to ride her scooter to school with her pet fish in a basket on the front.  The fish (which has not been 'around' for a couple of months) will be her show and tell item, so we are going to have to replace that little guy.  We will also need to get her a basket for her scooter...and teach her how to ride her scooter with a basket and fish bowl attached.  Hopefully those dreams aren't squashed too soon for her.

I should mention this photo is staged.  I read the book to Ella the other day, but at the time I took this photo we didn't have enough time (did I mention it's long?).  I figured Adam would publicly call me out if I didn't make this note.  :D

I may read this book to her everyday for the next three weeks....I don't want there to be any big (bad) surprises come Kindergarten day.  The only thing I wished was in the book (a little more forcefully) was the part about parents not coming to school. 

Thanks for reading :D

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  1. Now...would stressing the part about 'the parents not coming to school' be for YOUR benefit, or for Ella's????


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