Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Countdown to JK: 4 Weeks to go!

After a brief blogging interuption, I'm back with a few stories from the past couple of weeks.  This post is about 5 days late...Ella starts JK on September 5th, so the 4 week countdown started last Thursday.  We decided to do something special each week for the last month before school starts.  Our first activity was taking Ella to pick out her backpack.

Here are Ella and Adam in the mall parking lot.  Ella picked out her outfit for the trip - she chose just the right amount of 'flash' for a trip to the mall.  When we walked into the backpack store, Ella knew right away which one she wanted - Tinkerbell.  Not only does it have her (current) favourite character on the front, it is also her two favourite colours.  Purple and pink, oh joy.

From our point of view, the backpack was acceptable because it includes a lunchbox which clips onto the front of the bag.  I felt like the bag was 20 times too big for her, but the store owner assured me it was the right size for JK.  Okay - if an adult-sized backpack is perfect for a 4 year old then she is correct.

I managed to hold back the tears while we were in the store, but this was definitely the beginning of the end of her time home with me.  As someone so kindly pointed out, last September was the last time Adam would be the only one going back to school.

Ella still maintains she is excited to go to school - even when I throw out, "you know Mommy won't be at school with you, right?"  This makes me feel better.  I have a list of concerns and fears about a mile long, but I'm guessing that is standard for a mom.  Ella has really come out of her shell over the last year and we have dance class, the Early Years Centre and tons of playtime with friends to thank for that.

This last photo freaks me right out.  I can't believe in less than a month I'll be walking her to school.  I'm not sure where the last 4 years have gone, but they have gone by way too fast. 

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