Thursday, 22 August 2013

Harrison and Dad Cutting the Grass

If you have a little boy (or any child of Harrison's age), then you probably have one of these cutesy little bubble blowing lawn mowers.  Harry got this little guy for his birthday this year and it is a huge hit - with both kids.  The only downfall is that it doesn't actually cut the grass...we've got to get someone working on that!

At first, Harrison was just in it for the bubbles.  What is it with kids and bubbles?  Our kids are obsessed with those things.  Bubble making toys are where it's at, especially after I almost passed out last summer while blowing the bubbles myself.

For now the bubble mania has passed (until next summer when it's all new again), and now Harrison is mostly interested in following Daddy.  I have to say, folks, it is pretty darn entertaining.  Here's a little collage of the two boys cutting the grass one afternoon.

Ella and I watched from the deck while we coloured, and Ella threw out the occasional 'thumbs up' for encouragement.  I'm not sure if they saw her.

And yes, Harrison is wearing little underwear while cutting the grass.  Don't get too excited, though.  It's slow going...and we have managed to be extremely inconsistent in the potty training this time around.  Best parents ever.

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  1. Nothing beats the quality bonding time between father and son during the mowing season. Not counting fresh-water fishing, of course, but if that's not feasible, then this is definitely one of the best times to teach a son the noble task of keeping the law well-manicured and pristine. And I'm sure the bubbles helped with the process. It's spring and that means it's mowing time again, and I hope harrison picks up enough to be able to do this by himself in a few years! Have an awesome spring, without the pesky pollens!

    Richard @ Mower Doctor


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