Saturday, 3 August 2013

Summer Dinner Ideas: Delicious Beer Can Chicken


On the menu this week was the famous beer can chicken.  This is always a popular dinner at our house - even with the kids.  The chicken turns out so moist and flavourful both kids gobble it up right away!
I thought I would share my un-recipe on the blog because it is so delicious and very easy.  I like to call it an un-recipe because I use whatever I can find in my cupboard, and it ends up being different every time.  :D
Ingredients (or what I used this time around):
-salt and pepper
-seasoning salt
-Italian seasoning
-garlic powder
-can of beer
Assembly & Cooking Instructions:
-Dump half the can of beer into a cup and reserve.  Add garlic (fresh or powder) and rosemary to the beer left in the can.  Place the can of beer in the cooking dish and assemble the prongs around it (unless yours is fancy shmancy and comes assembled)
-Create a dry rub with whatever seasonings you want...I used S&P, seasoning salt, Italian seasoning, thyme, rosemary and garlic powder...they were all right there waiting to be used!  Place the chicken in a large bowl and rub the seasoning mixture all over.  It's best to rinse the chicken first and then the dry rub will stick really well.
-Put the chicken on the prongs and pour the reserved beer into the cooking dish.  It's ready to go on the BBQ!   We had a huge chicken so it took just over an hour to was worth the wait.

I am telling you, this is a MUST TRY dish.  Enjoy!

Thanks for reading :D

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