Monday, 19 August 2013

Teddy Bear Picnic 2013

I have an exciting event to share on the blog today!  Earlier in the summer, Ella was invited to a friend's house for her very first Teddy Bear Picnic.  It was a long wait but the day finally came, and here are the pictures to prove it.  :D

Ella was ridiculously excited to attend the Teddy Bear Picnic, and it didn't disappoint!  There were tons of activities set up for the children as well as a delicious picnic lunch.  All the guests were asked to bring a picnic blanket and their favourite teddy bear.  Ella chose a little baby bear who doesn't get to go on many outings.

As I mentioned, lunch was delicious!  Our host made mini pizzas and grilled cheese - what more could a kid (or a pregnant lady) ask for.  There were all sorts of other goodies too, including cheese and crackers, fruit and veggies and teddy bear desserts that looked a little something like these...

...although, I stole this picture from Kara's Party Ideas because I forgot to take a picture at the party!

The activities were set up at different locations around the yard, so the children could move about as they wanted.  Ella dragged me along to every activity she did, so I got the full experience.

Her two favourite stations were the teddy bear colouring station and the picnic basket station.  Notice the apron she is wearing - I think she kept it on for most of the party and was a little annoyed when I told her we had to leave it behind.

What else was there, you ask?

Play-Doh - with these clever Play-Doh activity mats.  We haven't pulled out the Play-Doh in awhile, so Ella was happy to play here for awhile.


Books, puzzles and lacing - Ella is a huge lacing fan, so this prompted her to get out her lacing activities when we got home.

Dry sensory bins - these were awesome.  They were filled with rice, beads, puffballs, feathers, shells and mini teddy bears (all things you can get at the dollar store!).  There were also a ton of utensils around for the kids to scoop out items.

Ice bin - I don't know what else to call it.  :D   This bin had a bunch of items frozen in a giant chunk of ice.  There were spoons, wet cloths and spatulas (and probably more things that I can't remember) for the kids to use to try and free all the frozen toys.  I love this one!


 There was also a mini tent and tunnel and a bean bag toss which Ella didn't make her way to because she was too busy feeding her teddy...and me.

We had such a great time at the Teddy Bear Picnic.  When Adam asked Ella how it was she said, "It was so much fun.  There were so many choices, I couldn't decide what to do first!"  It was definitely a highlight of her summer, and she's already talking about going to next year's party...

Thanks for reading :D


  1. So much fun!!! We threw a teddy bear picnic a couple of weeks ago -- it's such a cute idea!

  2. Awesome post! Glad you guys had fun!


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