Thursday, 1 August 2013

Water Fight 2013

Recently, Harrison found a little water gun that Adam had hiding in the garage (no, not the giant one he is holding in the photo above).  Harry likes to think he's shooting water at people, but rarely does he pull the trigger correctly.  For some reason, he thinks squirting water at people is called 'squeezing'.  So he is always running around with his little water gun yelling 'I'll squeeze you, Mommy!'. 
Things got real the other day when Adam busted out his super soaker (knock off) water gun and started blasting the kids and Nan.  Harrison tried to retaliate with his mini-me, but it was mostly unsuccessful.

Nan had the kids hiding behind the blanket to escape Adam's showers, but every once in awhile they had to get up and run to a new spot to stay dry.  Adam was taking things pretty seriously, as you can tell from the first photo where he is lying on the ground behind a bush.  Probably not necessary to sneak up on two children under the age of 4, but funny, nonetheless.
The kids didn't see him behind the bush at first, but Ella quickly learned he was there when he squirted her as she ran past. 

Ella's method for stopping the water shower?  Putting her hands up and yelling 'freeze!'.  I think that worked eventually.

Harrison finally cornered Adam...

...but then he got scared and ran back to the blanket.
It was the kids' first official water fight, and I would say it went pretty well.  Now we just have to teach Harrison how to pull the trigger on his squirt gun!
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