Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Countdown to JK: 1 Week to go!

...And with one week to go (last Thursday), we took Ella and Benjamin on a little shopping trip for a first day of school outfit.

This was Benjamin's first shopping trip with Mommy and Nan...he was mildly excited about the excursion.

Ella was a little more up-beat.  Her goal for the day was to find a 'beautiful dress' to wear to school - but more importantly, she got to bring a snack.

Finding a casual little girls' dress is no easy task these days.  We went to four stores before we were able to find something appropriate (and by appropriate, I mean something similar to what I had in mind).  Of course the store where we found 'the dress' was of the most over-priced children's clothing stores...because the clothes are ADORABLE.  Luckily, there was a sale!  You'll have to check back on Thursday to see her first-day outfit.

Although we didn't find any dresses at the other 3 stores, I still bought a few cute items.  It's not often I get to pick out clothes for Ella! 

We stopped for a quick bite to eat at the food court where Ella scarfed back a giant piece of pizza.  I went for the more sensible pita option. 

After a few more stops, we decided to head home...Benjamin (Ella) was starting to get a little antsy from a long day of shopping.

We couldn't leave, though, before jumping on this 'boat' and paddling as hard as possible to get away from the crocodiles.  If nothing else, at least her imagination is prepared for kindergarten.


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