Monday, 30 September 2013

Ella Turns Four

And just like that, our first little baby turns four-years-old.  She's been talking about this day for several months now, and it's finally here.  Unfortunately, she decided she doesn't want to be four anymore because it means giving up sucking her thumb (yes, she still sucks her thumb).
We threw Ella a little birthday party yesterday (hopefully will be up on the blog tomorrow, but don't hold your breath), but today was her actual birthday, so we had a couple of special things planned for today as well.
But first - here's a look back at Ella from day one :D


So - this morning we made Ella a very special pancake breakfast - something we don't usually do on a school/work day. I neglected to take pictures of this, but she loved them as usual.   Ella headed off to school and came home with a crown and sticker to show it was her birthday.  She was very excited to show these off when I picked her up.

The kids had some time to play with Ella's new birthday presents before we headed out to McDonalds for dinner - Ella's choice.  It was the kids' first time every going to McDonalds and it didn't disappoint.  We decided to go to one out of town so the kids could use the Play Place - it was pretty exciting until a bunch of other (loud) kids came along and Ella was too shy to go on the equipment.

Ella enjoyed her Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal.
Harrison enjoyed the yogurt in the Happy Meal and that's about all in the food department...
...he was NOT too shy to play around the other kids.

With a little coaxing, Ella got back in the Play Place for a few minutes before we went home.

Before bed, we gave Ella the gifts we got for her (minus one which won't arrive until Friday!).  She was quite taken with the homemade card.

We tried to stick to the 'Something she wants, something she needs, something to wear and something to read' motto - but there were a couple 'something she wants' in there.

Ella did announce she had a fun birthday, although she told me after that she wanted to stay home with me today instead of going to school on her birthday.  Oh well, I wonder if she'll still feel that way tomorrow...when I take her out of school to get her 4 year vaccinations...
Thanks for reading :D

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  1. Happy birthday to Miss Ella. 4 is the year of magic...enjoy every moment of the years ahead they are so special .


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