Sunday, 8 September 2013

First Day of JK

Well her first day of JK came and went pretty quickly (and smoothly).  Luckily, she only had two days of school this week and then it was the weekend.  By pick-up time on Friday afternoon, Ella was exhausted. 
The kids were both up bright and early Thursday morning (like before 6:30am...not cool).  The first thing Ella said (shouted) when Adam went into their room was, "Dad get me my first day of school outfit!".  It's not very often Ella gets her clothes on before 9am.  After putting on her dress and tights, she had her favourite breakfast of toast and oatmeal...clearly, she wasn't as concerned about her hair as she was about getting her clothes on.
Ella was excited from the moment she got out of bed that morning, but, unfortunately, we had some waiting to do before it was time to leave for school.  Perfect opportunity for pictures!  Here she is in her dress and headband.  She insisted on wearing this headband to school both days.

We looked at her lunch, and she practised putting all the dishes away and zipping up the zippers.  Those zippers are tricky, but she managed pretty well.
Our first-day-of-school family photo (minus one).


Once it was time to get ready, Ella hoisted her giant backpack onto her shoulders...and then just about toppled over.  Notice her choice of shoes.  I had something else picked out, but apparently she had other plans.

Just as we were heading down the driveway, Ella's friend Allie was walking by so she stopped in for a photo op.!  Ella is lucky to already have a friend in her class to show her the ropes.

When we got to the school, Nan took our picture before I brought Ella into the gate...and she's still smiling.

We had a little more waiting to do once we got inside the school yard.  Can you pick us out of this crowd?! 

After the bell rang, all the other kids went inside and the kindergarten classes lined up.  This was the point where I had to let her go.  Ella asked if I was going to take her inside, but when I said no I was surprised there were no tears...there was no smile, but I'll take that for the first day.  She told me later that she felt like she was going to cry because she was scared.  I was so proud of her for going into the school with the other kids.  I guess she really did understand I wasn't coming with her.

Just in case you can't pick out the giant Tinker bell backpack, I have included an arrow so you can see Ella in the line of kids.  They all (most anyway) lined up and followed their teacher inside.

And here she is again, so grown a 4-year-old kind of way.

After she was inside, I made my way back outside the school yard to find Harrison wondering where Ella went. 

It was a pretty quiet day around our house.  Without Ella to lead Harrison around, he was a little lost...until he realised he could play with any toy he wanted - including Ella's stamps.  Oh Happy Day. 

Benjamin, on the other hand, chose to sleep the day away.

I was pretty antsy by the time 3:20pm came around.  I was anxious to find out about Ella's day and how she handled lunchtime and recess.  As soon as she was brought out to the gate to meet me, she started jumping around and telling me all the things they had at school for her to do.  It was pretty exciting.  When I asked her what her teacher's name was, she replied, "I don't know, there were so many teachers, Mom."

The first thing Ella wanted to do when we got home was have a snack...and by that, I mean finish her lunch.  Apparently school was too exciting to eat - for the first day, anyway. 

Harrison was pretty happy to have Ella home...and so was I.  It seemed like she had a pretty great first day of school.
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  1. What a big girl, just adorable, hope things are going as well this week. I love the picture of her doing up lunch bag, check the tongue, that reminds me of a lot. Good luck hope mommy is doing well.Luv.--G.G.


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