Friday, 25 October 2013

Fall Fair 2013

Another late post - imagine that!  :D


The kids had a great time at the Fall Fair this year.  We decided to take them on the rides on Thursday night and then tried to avoid them the rest of the weekend (the rides, not the children).  That plan worked out pretty well.  It turns out rides are not cheap, though.  Twenty bucks for 'all you can ride' (x2 of course) or $1.00 per ticket (oh, did I mention most rides at 4 tickets that's $4.00 per ride...per child). 

We got to the fair at about 5pm on Thursday evening, so we didn't have a ton of time to spend there.  Both kids need to be in bed around 7pm to avoid getting over-tired.  Adam made the executive decision to NOT buy the all you can ride bracelets and to buy enough tickets for Ella and Harry to each have two start.  We never know how these two will react to the rides!

It turns out the rides were very popular with both kids.  Unfortunately, there were only a few they could/would go on.  In the end, we (Adam) spent $36.00 for each of them to go on 4 rides (36 DOLLARS!!!).  Next year we'll have to splurge and get the bracelets.

Ella's favourite ride was the Merry-Go-Round and Harrison's favourite was the motorcycles...but they also loved the train.  Poor Benjibenj. missed all the excitement of the rides...

On Saturday, we spent most of the day outside.  The kids played in the morning and then had a 'picnic' lunch on the driveway while they waited for the parade to start (no, Ella didn't march in the parade this year - maybe next year!).

We all set up our chairs on the front lawn to watch the parade, and the kids managed to collect a large amount of candy...and two apples (thank you little Beavers) from the marchers.

It turns out our little cousin won the Fall Fair Ambassador contest (woo!!)...

After the parade, we walked over to the fair grounds to look around.  We came across Ella's classroom board and found her very own (FIRST EVER) fair submission:

Excellent placement of leaves and pasta, Ella.  Next year we'll really get into the fall fair entries!

Before we left for the day, Nan treated Ella and Harry to these adorable character hats (last year they had a turkey hat and a Nemo hat).  Ella has a purple minion (or as she calls him 'little guy') from Despicable Me 2 and Harry has Spider Man (who else!). 

That was pretty much it for the fall fair this year.  Next year I'm hoping to get to the Friday night variety show (which I haven't been to in about three years thanks to a certain someone's hockey pool).   

Thanks for reading :D

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