Monday, 21 October 2013

Oh Happy Day!

I wanted to wait on this point - until I was sure the great soother disaster of 2013 was over.  I think we're finally in the clear.  It's taken us six days to get here (I started writing this post last week), but I think Harrison has finally come to terms with losing his soother.  There is no longer any crying before nap time or bedtime, and everyone (minus Benjibenj. and myself) is sleeping through the night.
I'll bring you back through the week starting with the day the soother bit the dust.  Before bedtime that night, Ella and Harrison decorated an envelope for the soother fairy.  Ella has to get in on everything.  I brought Harrison out to the front porch and he put the envelope into the mailbox for the night.  That was lovely, but come bedtime Harry still wanted his soother.  In the meantime, Ella was trying to figure out how she could get her hands on a soother and then give it up so she could get something special in the mailbox too.  Oh Ella.

Harrison cried in his bed for about 30 minutes that night before he fell asleep.  He slept most of the night, until about 5am at which point I felt so bad for him that I climbed into bed with him...yes, his teeny tiny little toddler bed had both of us...until Benjamin woke up.  That was fun -  going back and forth between two crying babies in two separate rooms while trying to prevent Ella from waking up.
When it was finally time to get up for the day, Adam took Harrison out to the mailbox to see what was out there. 

He found a box of smarties. 

After Harry ate the smarties for his snack, he promptly erased all memory of the soother fairy from his brain.  Come nap time, he desperately wanted his soother again.  There was about a half-hour nap that day...progress.

Harrison had a couple of long nights crying and screaming which ended with him getting into our bed.  I would say the peak of disaster was day 4.  Harrison screamed off and on from midnight until 7am.  At no point during that time was he consolable.  To top it off, he became even more upset when I had to leave him with Adam while I got up (twice) to feed Benny. 
After that night, things seemed to get better.  He cried for shorter periods of time before nap time and bedtime.  He announced every night and every morning that he didn't use his soother anymore.  And now - almost two weeks later - he goes to bed and nap without much fuss at all. 
I have a couple of things to say about this whole soother experience:
1.  If you give your kid a soother, I would suggest not letting them use it to get to sleep.  if you do let them use it to get to sleep I would further suggest:
1a.  weaning them from it when they are under a year old, or
1b.  weaning them from it when they are over three and you can attempt to reason with or bribe them.
2.  The soother fairy thing is a pile of garbage.  Maybe not for an older child that 'gets it', but definitely for a two-year-old. 
Well that's it!  On to the next adventure - potty training [insert groaning here]...
Thanks for reading :D

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