Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Royal Birthday Party

Well, it looks like I got around to this post after all!!

My initial plan for Ella's birthday party was to have no theme but to make everything really cute...OK, so maybe I was going for a girlie theme.  I had many many pins to cover this theme, but that all came to a screeching halt when Ella decided she wanted to have a princess party.  NICE.  The only thing tackier than Dora apparel is Disney Princess apparel.  This is why I chose a non-Disney princess party.  Also, Ella has more guy pals than gal pals, so we had to make it a prince and princess party.

Ella was jacked up from the time she woke up in the morning.  We had to find things to keep both kids busy until the party started at 1pm...ahh!  Luckily they spent a few minutes playing quietly together while we got things set up.  Ella had several wardrobe changes before the guests arrived - here she is in outfit #2 reading Harrison a story.

Along with the princess theme, Ella requested strawberry cake (second year in a row and there are still no acceptable strawberry cake recipes on Pinterest).  I opted for a cake - cake pop combo.  The cake is only a strawberry cake because there are strawberries on the top and strawberry butter cream filling between the layers of cake.  I also used by heart-shaped cake pans because hearts are Ella's 'favourite shape'. 

For the cake pops, I used a cherry cake mix (store bought, oh yes) for the strawberries and a chocolate cake mix for the chocolate.  This was my first experience making cake pops by myself, but I had a great instructor from J'adore D├ęcor.  Number one cake-pop making tip:  use your hands, not a cake-pop maker!
Ella was very helpful when it came to decorating the kids' treat bags.  She wrote all the kids' names on each bag, although, some of the colours she chose didn't show up very well.  On the back of each bag she coloured a special picture for each of her guests.  I couldn't tell you what each picture is, but I know for sure that one is a mushroom and another is a maze. 


I picked up a few treats for each bag, but I also whipped out some felt and the sewing machine to make these jems...

Since it was a royal party, I made crowns for each of the kids as well as matching star wands (for the girls) and shields (for the boys).  The teeny tiny babies got royal onesies.  I can't speak for all the kids, but I think these were fairly popular at the party!

The party finally began at 1pm, and we were so lucky the rain held off so we could have the party outside...with all the party planning, I ran out of time to clean the house.

Ella really wanted a scavenger hunt like we did for her last birthday party, so Adam set up a similar obstacle course for the kids.  Unfortunately, we didn't get around to it because the kids were having fun playing in the back yard with the toys and all the prince and princess dress up clothes.

The only other activity I planned for the kids was making pictures with princess stickers - and I left those in the basement and completely forgot about them until way after the party was over.   The kids seemed to have fun regardless...


 After playing for awhile, Ella worked her way through her gifts...

 ...and she even had some help!   The present opening was a little overwhelming for her (and it always has been), so I think she was glad to be done and move on to the cake.

After we devoured the cake, our guests started to head out and we cleaned up and relaxed in front of the TV until dinner time.  Ella had a great time at her birthday party and she was absolutely exhausted by the end of the day. 

I would say Benjamin (who slept the entire time)...

...and Harrison (who had dirt from head to toe) also had a blast.

Until next year (please don't come too soon)!

Thanks for reading :D

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