Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Basement Slumber Party

A couple months back we got really crazy and decided to throw a slumber party in the basement.  It was mostly Adam's idea, therefore, he took sole responsibility in the planning and organization.  Benjamin and I stayed upstairs for the evening (too wild and crazy for us!).

The night started with a movie and snacks.  Ben and I came down for this because we like movies and we love snacks. 


After Adam got the mattresses, blankets and pillows downstairs, the kids moved from the couch over to their beds for the night.  They thought it was pretty neat to be watching a movie while they were in bed.

 I can't say for sure what happened, but at some point (around 10pm), everyone came back upstairs and got into their real beds...slumber party over.  I think the kids ended up being awake longer than Adam anticipated and he was ready for bed!

We'll try again soon, but this time we'll all be in on the slumber party action...and we'll be staying downstairs all night...unless I decide to sneak upstairs for a good night's sleep.

Thanks for reading :D

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  1. Well really guys... what fun is a slumber party where you have to go to bed at 10p.m.?? haha


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