Thursday, 14 November 2013

Dad's Birthday

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated Adam's birthday (he's much older than I am) with a delicious three-tier chocolate cookie cake.  Adam's not much of a cake person, so he always gets pumpkin pie or cookies for his birthday.  This year I saw an amazing layered cookie cake on Pinterest and I had to give it a try.

This cake was super duper easy to make.  I used a regular old chocolate chip cookie recipe and divided the batter into three equal portions.  I used parchment paper to keep the dough from sticking to the rolling pin while I flattened each portion into about an 8 or 9 inch round (in the end, it was actually easier to flatten by hand rather than use a rolling pin).  The parchment paper was also handy when removing the giant cookies from each pan to cool.

I'm sure you could use any filling you want between the layers, but I chose a whip cream based filler because I think the butter cream would have been over-the-top sweet. I combined whip cream and a box of vanilla pudding powder together in the stand mixer to make a light, tasty and firm filling between the layers. 

There's no need to make the filling looking pretty - the messy look is what makes this cake adorable.  Looking at this picture, I'm really wishing I dug my cake stand out of the cold room in the basement.  It gets stored down there and every time I bake something, I'm too lazy to go down and get it and every time I want a nice picture, it's ruined by an ugly green plate!

Aside from the poor presentation, this cake was DELICIOUS!  The kids loved it (no doubt) and Adam was pretty pleased as well.  Can you tell by this weird photo he took - oh yes, he is doing that awkward pose on purpose...and he has Benjibenj. on board too!

We even managed to get a family photo with the cake.  Unfortunately, Ella's wearing a pumpkin crown (2 days past Halloween), Benjamin's head is flopped down, Adam's hair is out of control, my collar bones look ridiculous, Harrison's cheeks are rosy red from his cold and the entire picture is a little blurry.  LOL.  I suppose we're making memories!

No proper birthday celebration would be complete without standing for 'Oh Canada' at the start of the Leaf's game.  We have junior kindergarten to thank for this.

Thanks for reading :D

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