Friday, 29 November 2013

Ella and Harrison as Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

This week turned out to be way busier than I anticipated which is why I haven't been blogging.  I just realized, however, there are only two days left of November and about 20 posts I wanted to do before starting the third annual Advent Activities Calendar.  I'll have to settle for 2 posts, and I'll have to make them count!
Today's post is only about 3 1/2 months late, and it will mostly be a photo album...there's a lot going on here people!  Ella and Harry had the privilege of being Flower Girl and Ring Bearer for Jennalee's and Kyle's wedding this summer.  Benny was also there as co-bridesmaid.  Here's a condensed look at an amazing day...

The set-up.  Benjamin and I helped out...look at that crazy 38 week belly!

Ella getting her nails painted in the morning - oh so very exciting!

Croissant and yogurt for the morning snack.
Jennalee and me getting ready to go!
Ella on the way...
...Harrison on the way
The kids had fun in this little garden at the ceremony site...I have no idea if this happened before or after the ceremony.  Either way, they managed to stay fairly clean!

Harrison and I walking down the aisle
Ella and Emma walking down the aisle

Handsome!  Thank goodness we got that boy a haircut.

Harrison was just about to go and sit with Daddy, but Ella managed to stand with the girls for the entire ceremony.

The sun was in her eyes...

The whole crew post-ceremony

By the end of these photos, Harry was really good at sitting with his hands on his knees.
Bride and Flower Girl...and wedding Barbie
Hanging out after the ceremony
Nan, Ella and Pops
The fun really began when the kids started dancing...during cocktail hour

Me, JLee and Marc

The candy bar...and my banner!

I forgot to keep their name tags from the tables...

...but I have the pictures!

Colouring before dinner
Snacking before dinner

Managed to get 1 family pic moments before the over-tired melt-downs occurred. 
Another highlight of the night was definitely when the groom busted out his amazing musical talent

And then there were the cake pops...
Thanks for reading :D

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