Monday, 11 November 2013

Ella's First 'Big-Girl' Birthday Party

This past weekend Ella went to her very first 'kids only' birthday party (ahhhh!).  It was a very exciting/nervous two hours for this Momma.  Since starting school this fall, the biggest adjustment (ahem - for me) has been not knowing exactly what she's doing every second of each day.  For the first time in four years she's on her own (well, you know what I mean - she's without Mom), and I guess this is truly the start of her having her own life. 
I can't handle it.

Even though she knows the birthday girl and most of the other kids there, I wasn't sure she would go for the whole 'dropping her off at someone else's house for two hours' thing.   So, naturally, I hyped it up as best I could.  It seems all I have to do is insert the magical words "It will be your very first time (insert activity)", and she gets pretty excited.

Don't get me wrong - she is still a giant bundle of anxiety, but at least now she is a little more adventurous and willing to try new things.  These are some of the questions I got when I told her it was a kids only party:

"But how will I get to the party?"  -I will drive you there
"But who will stay with Harrison and Benjamin?"  -they can stay home with Daddy
"But who will stay with the kids that are at the party?  -Allie's mom will be there
"But who will take me into Allie's house?"  -I will help you get out of the car and into the house
"But who will carry the present?"  -you can carry the present
"What will we do at the party?"  -you'll have to go and find out!!

Apparently, with Ella, you need to clearly lay out the plan of action.

In the end, she willingly (and very excitedly) went to the party.  There was no hesitation when she walked in and I waved good-bye.  And she was full of energy and chatter on the ride home.  Her favourite parts of the party:

1.  getting her face painted, and
2.  the cake (she couldn't be my daughter if this wasn't one of her answers).


I guess she's been going to school (without me) for 2 1/2 months now, so I shouldn't be surprised that she was okay without me at the party.  I think what I really need to focus on now is her wardrobe...I have no idea why she thought it was okay to wear a Halloween outfit to a birthday party! 
Thanks for reading :D

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  1. My oldest daughter is almost 5 and we had to say no to a party held at a museum with some other older kids, I'm still terrified to let her go at a party for two hours...overprotective mother syndrome? I think so.


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