Monday, 4 November 2013

Halloween 2013

Another Halloween has come and gone (so quickly!) leaving the kids with more dress up clothes, tons  of candy and a few ideas for next years' costumes.  I'm not a huge fan of Halloween, and I didn't have much time this year to do many spooky activities with the kids.  Fortunately, Ella did tons of Halloween crafts and songs at school to keep her happy.  Harrison was unaffected - he thought it was fall fair  time again.
Here is Ella in-costume on her way to school...

This year Ella asked to be a white kitten with black spots.  "So you want to be a cow?", we asked her.  "No, a kitten", she replied with what I'm pretty sure was a hint of attitude.  Initially Harrison wanted to be Mr. Incredible (from the movie The Incredibles), but he tried to change his pick to a firefighter at the last minute (after I had his costume made).  I had to shut that down. 

I don't know if you've noticed, but costumes are expensive.  It's ridiculous.  I saw one flyer with costumes 'on sale' for $23.00 each.  Sooo not going to happen.  I did look around at the second-hand kids stores, but they didn't seem to have any white kittens with black spots or Mr. Incredible costumes...odd... so I decided to make the costumes this year - and I decided to make them old-school-style (does that even make sense? - you know what I mean).   

Here's what I ended up doing...

Ella's Costume:
-purchased 1 white long-sleeved shirt and 1 pair of white pants from Once Upon A Child ($8.00)
-cut out several small black felt circles and stitched them all over the white pants and shirt
-took Ella's zebra tutu and removed all the 'zebra' to make an all-white tutu...something a kitten would naturally wear
-cut out two white felt triangles and two smaller pink felt triangles and sewed together then glued to headband for ears
-cut off the tail of last year's cat costume and safety pinned it to the pants :D
-used washable black marker to draw a nose and whiskers on Ella's face

Harry's Costume:
-purchased 1 red turtle-neck and 1 red pair of pants from Once Upon A Child ($7.00)
-cut out felt pieces to make the Incredibles' logo and hot glued them together then safety pinned to shirt (so we could use the turtle neck afterwards!)
-traced a pair of Harry's underwear onto an old black sweater vest and cut out two pieces. sewed up the sides and crotch.
-used washable black marker to draw a 'mask' (it wasn't a great mask) on Harry's face.

Now, what about those Jack-O-Lanterns, you ask?  Right - this year we opted against the local 'pumpkin patch' which charges $10.00 per person over the age of two but doesn't offer enough activities for two-year-olds to justify paying that much money so we would essentially be paying $40.00 for 4 pumpkins (because you get a pumpkin with your entrance fee)...woo, take a breath. 

We couldn't really nail down any place nearby to go and take a wagon ride to pick out a pumpkin and then only pay for that pumpkin, so we got ours at the Superstore.  I should also admit that my only research on pumpkin patches was asking a small group of people: "are there any pumpkin patches nearby?".

Adam got the pumpkins all ready for carving, and then he got Ella and Harry to draw their faces.  Ella did a really good job of drawing two eyes, a nose and a 'scary' mouth.  Harrison did a good job of drawing...all over the pumpkin.  Adam made a few changes to Harry's design.  He also took a guess on what Benjamin would want his pumpkin's face to look like.

Where was Benjamin in all of this chaos?  He was just chillin' in his manly nightgown...aka his 'ghost' costume.  If trick-or-treating time wasn't at the exact time he usually nurses and goes to sleep, I would have hooked him up with a sweet 'bag of popcorn 'costume I saw here on Pinterest.  He's still pretty cute as a 'ghost'...

So after dinner, the kids got their costumes on and Adam took them out trick-or-treating.  He had to drive them most places because (1.) it was raining and (2.) our family and friends are kind of spread out.  The kids also visited a few of our neighbours' houses, but it was after 7pm by the time they got home (that's 1.5hrs of trick-or-treating - minus driving time).  Adam was tired of buckling and unbuckling a giant tutu into a car seat, and the kids were both excited to get into their massive pile of candy.  After one small treat each, they finally got into bed.  It was a good Halloween, but I'm glad it's over.

And now...let the Christmas preparations begin! 

Thanks for reading :D

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