Thursday, 7 November 2013

Harrison At Thanksgiving

Let's go back again to a month ago when we had our family Thanksgiving dinner.  Some of the kids (and adults) like to get a ball hockey game going when we all get together.  This year the game was a little smaller, but it peaked Harrison's interest, nonetheless!
We didn't even think about bringing a hockey stick for Harrison to play with - mostly because neither Adam or I were planning to be outside.  Once the game got going, it was clear we had to run home  to get Harrison's stick. 

He was just itching to get out there and play with the big boys.  While he waited for me to get his stick, he stood out on the road and watched the game.  I think he was inching his way into the game, hoping for someone to ask him to play!  
Eventually, Harrison got his hockey stick and he didn't waste any time interrupting the boys' game to take a few shots on the net.  The boys were pretty good sports about it and they sent him a few passes.  It was a great afternoon for Harrison.

If anything could trump the real hockey game with the big boys (as opposed to shooting on the net with Daddy in our driveway), it was probably the delicious chocolate cake Harrison got for dessert. Somebody (probably a certain great uncle) gave him a giant piece all to himself.


He is cute, but don't be fooled, people!  This may look like a picture of Harrison trying to share his cake with me...but really he is just showing the cake to the camera.  There is no chance of another person getting their mouth on his cake.  If I only knew where our kids get their love of sweets...

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