Monday, 18 November 2013

Harrison Shows off his Smart Moves

In an attempt to release some energy, I took Harrison to one of the indoor playgrounds to meet up with his cousin Riley last week.  It was Harrison's first time there, and he had a great time!

If you've never been, it's  a must at least once over the winter months.  There are tons of unique activities for babies, toddlers and school-aged kids.  One of the coolest areas was a balloon room.  It's basically a little room with fans and lots of balloons.  Harrison and Riley had this area to themselves for a few minutes.  There was a lot of running and silliness involved.


The building has two or three giant tunnel slides which are normally meant for sliding down, but Harry and Riley decided it would be more fun to throw balls up the slides.  When I found them they were moving so fast throwing these balls that I could barely get a picture.  Hence, the pictures are all blurry!


I would say Harrison's favourite thing to do there was ride on these cars down their little tracks.  Why haven't I seen these before?!  He carried the cars up to the top, climbed on the car and then away he went for a ride down the track. 


Coolest toy ever - although, I'm not sure it should be pushed up against the fire exit...just sayin'. 


In this picture, Harrison is jumping around on what I originally thought was a little pool of water - LOL!  Turns out it's not a pool.  It's a layer of plastic with water underneath...kind of like a waterbed mattress.  He got off after that kid behind him started throwing a balloon at his head.  Don't worry, I took care of him.
Amongst all the excitement, little cousin Carter...

...and little brother Ben were also there taking in the sights and sounds and I'm sure planning what they'll do when they get a chance to play there!
In the end, we paid $10.00 to get in and stayed for about 1 1/2 hrs (had to get home for a nap!).  It was worth the cost and the 35 minute drive. 
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