Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Mom's Birthday

[see Benjamin in the background - he's in his car seat covered with a blanket]
I'm really starting to polish up some of my 'draft' posts that have been sitting for weeks without any love.  Here are a few pics from my birthday this year.  The morning was spent hanging out while Adam worked on shingling the garage (which still isn't done - stupid weather).  Later we went out for dinner - I chose Moose Winooski's (where else?), or Mooseland as Ella prefers.

First thing in the morning I went in to get Benjibenj and he greeted me with a big smile - some of which had faded by the time I snapped this picture.  Mostly, I wanted to get a shot of him cuddling his baby elephant.

I took the kids over to Nan's and Pops' house for a bit in the morning while Adam worked.  Ella and Harrison had fun dancing with Nan...


...while Benny sat back and watched.  Don't feel too bad for him, he had a nice cozy seat right by the fireplace.

When we got to the restaurant, Ella decided she wanted pizza.  Harrison pretty much always chooses the same thing as Ella, so he had pizza too.  They were both very excited to be out for dinner (we don't get out much) and to play with the toys in the kids' area (ew).


My birthday expectations aren't too high anymore - I'm happy just to see the pictures the kids make for me!  It's also nice to get a few genuine birthday messages (you know - the ones not prompted by Facebook).  Ella told me she didn't want to say Happy Birthday to me, though.  Apparently, she only says Happy Birthday on her birthday.  Nice, Ella.  In the end, it's just another day - a great day where we get to go to Moose Winooskis.

Thanks for reading :D

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