Friday, 8 November 2013

Recipe ~ Cranberry Banana Muffins

When it comes to grocery shopping, I've tried (very very hard) to stick with seasonal produce over the last couple of years.  I'm looking to cut costs and improve quality of the food we eat.  This has meant trying a few new foods that we didn't eat before. 

One of the treats I came across a couple weeks ago were fresh local cranberries.  Now by 'local' I mean they are Ontario cranberries - just to be clear.  Normally, I wouldn't even consider buying fresh cranberries...for a few reasons.

1.  They are crazy expensive, yo.  I think I've seen them for $4.99 for a 500mL bag.
2.  I don't like eating whole cranberries...I'd rather have craisins  ;-)
3.  I wouldn't know what else to do with them.

The cranberries I found on this day, however, were marked at $1.98 for a 500mL bag.  I  just had to have them!  I knew I could rely on my old friend Pinterest to find some way to use them.  :D

I happened to come across this recipe for Cranberry-Banana bread which looked easy and delicious - I just had to pin it!  The mom in me whispered 'muffins will go further!', so with that I used the recipe to make Cranberry & Banana muffins.  I also just happen to have a never-ending supply of bananas in my freezer.

I must say, these muffins turned out to be so tasty!  Because I don't buy fresh (or frozen for that matter) cranberries, I also don't bake with them.  We've been missing out!  My 500mL bag of cranberries was the perfect amount the make this recipe.  I ended up with 24 muffins, so I put some in the freezer.  They are yummy and easy for Ella's lunches.


The kids had to put on a little show while I was trying to take a picture of them eating their muffins...

...thank goodness I can always count on Benjibenj to cooperate for the camera.  I think there is a little bit of Poppa Fred in those lips!

Thanks for reading :D

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