Tuesday, 12 November 2013

While Mom's Away, Nan and Harrison Will Play!

About a month ago, Harrison spent a few hours with Nan while I took Ella to her 4 year check-up.  Today I'm sharing all of the pictures I found on my camera when I got home.  Now I know what they do while I'm gone!

Harrison loves to play cars and trains (shocking).   It looks like he's making a convoy with some of his Legos. 

I wonder if Harry made these cars....or if it was Nan.

Experience playing cars with Harry tells me there was probably a giant monster that came along and wiped out some of the vehicles...

Moving on - they found his sticker book!  Harrison also loves stickers (I really don't see the appeal). 

He is getting really good at matching up the sticker with the space it goes in the book.  He is also really good at putting stickers on the table and furniture...which I can't stand.

There were a ton of blurry and crazy photos next - I can only imagine Harrison was trying to get his hands on the camera and take a photo.  Here is one of the better ones...it looks like he's on his way to grabbing the camera from Nan.

The doctor's appointment ran a little late (again, shocking), so Nan made Harrison his favourite lunch - peanut butter and jam on graham crackers.  I can tell it was good by the thumbs up.

One last crazy pic I had to include.

That's about it from Harrison and Nan's morning.  It's not often Harry gets to spend time (alone) with his grandparents, so when he does he makes the most of it! 

Thanks for reading :D

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