Saturday, 21 December 2013

Christmas Countdown: Day 17

Day seventeen was a busy day!  In the morning, I busted out the Christmas sensory bin from last year.  Harrison spent about an hour playing with this thing.  He started by picking out everything that wasn't rice (one by one) then he hid them all in the rice again. 
 He LOVED running his hands through the rice, once I showed him how.  He also loved throwing the rice all over the floor.  This third picture (above) is Harry giving me the 'just one minute' finger when I asked him to pick up the rice before playing with more toys.

Our actual activity for the day was attending Ella's kindergarten Christmas concert in the afternoon.  It was everything we hoped it would be!  There are four kindergarten classes (and Ella's class was last to go on stage), so it was quite an entertaining hour.  Ella has been practicing her songs for weeks, but she would never confirm to us why she was practicing them.  Her class sang 'Must be Santa' and 'Up on the Housetop'.  Needless to say, I have been humming both songs ever since.  
She was great up on stage - I guess she's an old pro now after her dancing recital last year - although, she did spend a lot of time looking over at us to make sure we were watching.

 Finally when we got Ella home from school, she had a surprise for Harrison.  Her school had a 'treasure' sale for the little ones to go and find Christmas gifts for someone special.  I sent her with money to find something for Harry and Ben.  We both figured she would come home with something annoying, or more likely, something for herself.  She shocked us all when she came home with this toy car for Harrison.  It's his most recent favourite character, Lightening McQueen.  He was beside himself with excitement, and Adam and I were so proud of Ella for being so thoughtful!  Harrison has slept with his car every night since (it makes noise, so that's kind of annoying).  I should also note that Benjamin got a teddy bear which was equally as thoughtful, but he was asleep and his reaction wasn't nearly as entertaining as Harrisons.  I should also note that Ella had Harrison opening his gift before we could stop him...she couldn't wait until Christmas day to give it to him.

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